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How do I get to the main menu?
By selecting the icon on the top left or by swiping right the main menu will appear.

How do I view Song History?
By selecting the icon on the top right or by swiping left will reveal the last songs played. By selecting a song you can view the artists discography, share the artist, open the artist in iTunes or add the artist to favourites.

Can I listen to onTune FM without a data connection?
No. OnTune FM does not save or host any media on your device and requires a data connection to stream and display all information. You can however use onTune FM to play music from your device with no data connection but please note that no social feeds or other artist related information will be available.

How do I prevent cellular data useage?
To prevent onTune FM from using cellular data (and just use wifi) go to "Settings" on your iPhone and choose "Cellular". Scroll down and find the onTune FM app. Turn off cellular data.

How do I remove advertising?
Currently you can not remove advertising from the "Free" version of onTune FM via In-App Purchase. You can however purchase the "Pro" version of onTune FM which does not contain advertising from us. Please note that it will still contain YouTube video ads and potentially radio ads from the station you are streaming from.

How do I purchase music?
Simply by selecting the "iTunes Button" on any screen you will be directed to iTunes where you can purchase music from the desired artist or band.

Do I need to sign in to Facebook or Twitter?
For the best experience it is recommended that you sign in to both services but it is not required to use the app.

Apple Music

Can I listen to Apple Music within onTune FM?
Yes. You can listen to your Apple Music playlists by simply saving your playlists or songs to My Music or offline while using Apple Music. After you have saved your Apple Music playlist, open up My Device within onTune FM and select the desire playlist. Please note that a subscription to Apple Music is required for this feature to work.


What can I search?
You can search for your favorite artists or songs using Discover.

How come I can't find the artist I am looking for?
We are constantly adding new artists to our database on a daily basis and the artist may not have been added yet. Some artists just do not have a "social media" presence and therefore will not appear in our system.

How can I suggest an Artist or Band?
If you think an artist has been overlooked please use the "submit an artist" form located at the bottom of the Search screen.


How do I get back to the top of the social feeds once I have scrolled down?
By tapping the top feed bar the social feeds will then quickly auto scroll to the beginning.

How do I view the radio station status bar?
By tapping the large artist image you will see a status bar drop down with the name of the radio station playing.

How do I get back to the Radio Menu?
Simply select the icon with four boxes on the main control bar to view the radio menu and choose another station.

How do I favorite a radio station?
Make sure you are on the radio stations social feeds and select the "Add to Favorites" button located at the top of the feed. The station will automatically be added to your station favorites.

How do I see the discography of the artist playing?
Tap the album art of the song playing and a pop up will appear. From there you can view the discography, view on iTunes, add the artist to favorites and share the artist.

Is there an artist bio?
By selecting the "discover" button on the menu the Bio screen will pop up.

How come the video button won't work?
If a video is available for the song that is playing the "Video Button" will appear. If no video is available the button will appear "grayed out".

How come no social feeds are being displayed for the song playing?
We are constantly updating our database with new artists daily but there are cases where the band or artist does not have a social presence due to any number of reasons.

Can I add a radio station?
Yes, by navigating to the "Radio Menu" and scrolling down to "Custom Station" you can your own station if you know the streaming url. This will be saved in the Custom Stations menu box for later use. Please note that we only support .mp3, .aac and .aac+ streaming files. Some radio station streams do not contain meta for onTune FM to read. In these cases our system will not be able to provide you with the proper social experience.

How do I get my radio station added to onTune FM?
By navigating to our Broadcaster page ( you can sign up your radio station for incusion into our list. Please note that we review all stations and reserve the right not to add some stations.


How do I favorite a video?
You can favorite a video when a video is playing by selecting the "Add to Favorites" button on the media feeds screen. You are also able to favorite from the video pop up screen by choosing the "Add to Favorites" button located on the bottom menu bar.

How come my video isn't playing?
Please make sure that you have a strong data connection.

How often is the video list updated?
The video list is updated weekly.

How come I don't see my favorite video from an artist?
OnTune FM uses the YouTube public service and tries to use only the videos from the artist or band members accounts. We are constantly updating our database so check back often.


How do I remove a radio station from my favorites list?
Navigate to favorites from the main menu and choose "Radio Stations". From there select the station you wish to remove and you will be presented with a menu of choices. Simply hit "Remove". This applies to any of the favorite categories.

Can I make more than one video favorites list?
No, but we may add the ability to add more than one custom favorite playlist in future versions. Please note that favorites are only links and that the video is not cached or downloaded in any way.

How do I add audio tracks from my device to my favorites?
Audio favorites are based on soundcloud tracks only so you can not add audio tracks from your device at this time. Please note that favorites are only links and that the tracks are not cached or downloaded in any way.


*Didn't find what you were looking for? Please visit the contact page and submit a request for support.

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